The sublime & Supernatural podcast

Episode 1 Part 1

Jill's journey as a young child with psychic  abilities and the horrifying true story of 207 - a tragic  account of the paranormal and suicide that forever shaped her life. 

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Episode 1 Part 2

Continuation of E1 P1 with details of what happend on the night of June 28th 1989, when Jill's husband took his life after her mother saved Jill and her infant son. 

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Episode 2 Part 1

The three-year investigation into "Saints Sinners & Sacred Ground" with conversation relative to an eerie coincidence of dates that tie into 207.

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Episode 2 Part 2

Corruption rears its ugly head, as Jill describes how her quest for the truth was impeded during the investigation.

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Episode 2 Part 3

Coming soon!

Episode 3

Coming soon!


The Sublime & Supernatural is a weekly video podcast hosted by Jill Marie  Morris. This podcast will cover a variety of topics from everyday life, to the  paranormal and more. For additional videos, please visit Jill's YouTube channel.

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