May 2020: The paranormal documentary The House In Between is now available! For a complete listing of platforms, please visit the main site here.

April 2020: The Press Release for The House In Between can be viewed here.

March 2020: The release date for The House In Between is May 5th! Pre-order is now available on iTunes as well as on Amazon for Blu-ray and DVD formats. For a complete list of viewing platforms, please visit: You may also buy movie merchandise, such as t-shirts and hoodies here

February 2020: In mid-February, Dearly Departed Tours & Museum closed its doors. After three years and 14 shows at the museum, Jill has found a new home for Hollywood Ever After. Beginning in May, this intimate event featuring gallery readings and Hollywood history, will take place at gorgeous Bar Noir, located in Maison 140, in Beverly Hills. Maison 140 is one of Jill's favorite boutique hotels in the area. Chic and cozy, the ambience of Bar Noir will lend relaxing vintage vibes as Jill relays meaningful messages from beyond.

November 2019: The official trailer for the paranormal documentary that Jill Marie Morris provided her perspective as a Psychic Medium, has been released! The House In Between is a paranormal documentary directed by Steve Gonsalves (@stevegonsalvesofficial) and Kendall Whelpton (@kendallwhelpton). Additional details will be released at a future date. For more information, please visit the film's website:

August 2019 - Dearly Departed Tours & Museum and L.A. Woman Tours present The Valley of the Dolls Dinner & Party at Raleigh Motion Picture Studios, Hollywood, California. Jill Marie Morris will be performing standup comedy and gallery readings, along with a reading of the studio, at the Celebration of Life for actress Sharon Tate. Special Guest and Sharon Tate stunt woman Sharon Barker Groves (Don't Make Waves with Tony Curtis) will also speak at this event. This event coincides with the release of Quentin Tarantino's latest film Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. Scott Michaels (Owner/Historian Dearly Departed Tours & Museum) served as a consultant for Tarantino relative to historical information for his widely acclaimed film. Some scenes for Once Upon A Time In Hollywood were filmed at Raleigh Motion Picture Studios. 

Professional Review #1

Professional Review #1

Professional Review #1

"Over the past three years, I have sponsored several shows with Jill Marie Morris. Working with Jill is a pleasure. Most importantly is the customer feedback.  After each of her shows, I am so happy to receive emails from both national and international guests telling me what a terrific time they had.  I've had people who Jill has received messages for, come back to tell me how spot-on she was. I look forward to continuing our relationship with Jill for many years to come."  Scott Michaels, Dearly Departed Tours & Museum "Best in LA!" - Los Angeles Magazine and LA Weekly  

Professional Review #2

Professional Review #1

Professional Review #1

"We had the distinct pleasure of working with Jill Marie Morris in our Stand Up Comedy Showcases. She is very funny and her work as a comedian only adds to her Psychic Platform work.  Jill is able to weave her comedy and talk about her calling as a psychic wonderfully, as evidenced in our showcases for industry.  We are happy to report she is continuing her career as a psychic, comic and actress.  Bravo Jill!" Mary Kennedy (Shameless, CONAN) and Paul Jacek (Kevin Hart, LOL Comedy Network, NBC, TV Land, Writer/Joan Rivers)” 


Dearly Departed Tours & Museum | Jayne Osborne: "A huge thank you to Jill Marie Morris who had another  spectacular show at our shop on Saturday night. Jill is a  psychic-medium and she continues to surprise us with her accuracy every time she works with us." 

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