Dearly Departed Tours & Museum | Jayne Osborne (7/12/18) "A huge thank you to Jill Marie Morris who had another  spectacular show at our shop on Saturday night. Jill is a  psychic-medium and she continues to surprise us with her accuracy every time she works with us." 

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August 2019 - Dearly Departed Tours & Museum and L.A. Woman Tours present The Valley of the Dolls Dinner & Party at Raleigh Motion Picture Studios, Hollywood, California. Jill Marie Morris will be performing standup comedy a reading of the studio at the Celebration of Life for actress Sharon Tate. Special Guest and Sharon Tate stunt woman Sharon Barker Groves (Don't Make Waves with Tony Curtis) will also speak at this event. This event coincides with the release of Quentin Tarantino's latest film Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. Scott Michaels (Owner/Historian Dearly Departed Tours & Museum) served as a consultant for Tarantino relative to historical information for his widely acclaimed film. Some scenes for Once Upon A Time In Hollywood were filmed at Raleigh Motion Picture Studios. 

November 2018 - The Biz Studio.  Jill Marie Morris has been cast in the role of Elizabeth Collins Stoddard for the studio's rendition of Dark Shadows. Dark Shadows was a popular Gothic soap opera that originally aired from 1966 - 1971. Actress Joan Bennett portrayed the neurotically prim Elizabeth Collins Stoddard in the series, with Michelle Pfeiffer portraying a modern version of the role in the 2012 film adaptation. The live theater presentation will be held at ACME Comedy Theater in North Hollywood on Monday, December 3rd.

October 2018 - The Annual Dearly Departed Weekend runs from October 19th - 20th, in various locations throughout Los Angeles. Following the Through the Valley of Death tour and dinner featuring speakers LA County Chief Medical Examiner Craig Harvey (RET), and Terry Bolo, former friend and comedy partner of Phil Hartman, Jill is honored to lead a candlelight vigil at Phil Hartman's home. 

June 2018 - Jill performed in the first annual Laugh For Life, a special event that helps spread awareness on suicide and suicide prevention. All of the funds raised were donated to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. Thank you, Kathleen Liebach, Cafe Deli-icious, as well as everyone who attended this important event.

April 2018 - Jill finished filming her part in a paranormal documentary. Further details will be shared upon the film's release.


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