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Psychic Medium

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Psychic Medium

"Let the spirits guide you, but never let them take you." E.J. Stevens

Jill is a respected Evidentiary Psychic Medium. In addition to using her abilities to assist various agencies with cold cases, she has investigated the histories of homes and small cities across the United States, relative to notorious hauntings. Her investigative pedigree can be traced back to her (paternal) great-grandfather James J. Perkins (J.J. Perkins), of Methuen, Massachusetts. James was a prominent Special Agent with the FBI from the late 1920's, to early 1940's. SA Perkins is known for his work investigating John Dillinger, Pretty Boy Floyd, Machine Gun Kelly, and Al Capone. He also worked on the Charles Lindbergh baby kidnapping and Urschel kidnapping cases. 

Known as one of the original, 'Historic G-men' of the era, Jill's great-grandfather has been mentioned in books, articles and case files pertaining to his bold, brave and dedicated work with the FBI. Refusing to leave his post at the Oklahoma City Bureau and return to his native Massachusetts during an illness, James died in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. For a summary of his career, please visit: historicalgmen.squarespace.com

J​ill's (maternal) great-great-grandmother Gertrude, was a full-blooded Chippewa Native American Indian. She was also a Medicine Woman and Healer who married John Bear, a full-blooded Seneca Indian. Gertrude's family migrated into New York from Canada. Eventually, Gertrude and John Bear settled in the western part of the state. Widely known for her psychic gifts and mediumship, Gertrude mentored Jill's grandmother Marie, who in turn, nurtured and taught Jill how to hone her own gifts. 

Born 'in the caul' or with a veil over her face, Jill's first experience as a Medium occurred after her paternal grandfather passed away. Jill was approximately 3-years-old at the time of this experience. It was then that her (paternal) grandmother Esta contacted Marie and shared the exchange of information - something that as a young child, Jill had no way of knowing and had been kept in the deepest of confidence between Esta and Jill's grandfather. 

Many of her predictions are documented in her Dream Diary. Excerpts of Jill's Dream Diary are published on her blog, The Sublime and Supernatural, and can be found here. On occasion, Jill has also posted visions on her Facebook Fan Page prior to the unfolding of the event(s). Many of these visions have shocked her family, friends and fans, and include natural disasters, terrifying national and international events, and a horrifying vision detailing that "planes were falling from the sky like rain" a mere two days prior to the attacks on September 11th, 2001.

Possessing unusual aptitude, Jill's method of connecting spirit with living ancestor has even resulted to a rather unconventional way of investigating ancestral lines. By conducting hours worth of free, private consultations, Jill helped one family with their genealogical research by identifying deceased family members thru her readings. This information was independently verified with two, confirmed, DNA matches.  

Jill provides comfort and nondenominational spiritual guidance to those in need. Setting her apart from many, Jill does not charge for house readings, paranormal investigations, or cold case work.  


Jill provides consultations and AGS (Alternative Grief Support). Appointments are booked in advance and may be conducted via telephone, Skype, and FaceTime. Limited in-person consultations may also be scheduled. Jill does not provide urgent or emergent consultations. 

About Alternative Grief Support:

Jill provides AGS at no charge to individuals who have lost an immediate family member, or close friend, within a year of their passing. Estranged relationships do not qualify. Referrals must be made by an existing client. 

Individuals interested in scheduling a consultation may visit the Client Scheduling Portal (below). 

"We have been to a couple of Jill's events and are eagerly awaiting her return to the west coast. I've also had the pleasure of sitting for a reading with Jill (I won it) and left with a new perspective on life. Jill is the real deal. She is beautiful, talented and gifted. The way she conveys the message of spirit is unlike anything I've ever seen or heard. If you ever have a chance, go see her show and maybe you will be blessed to get a reading by this lovely, very funny lady." Steve & Becky, West Hollywood, CA. 

"Jill is a brilliant star in what can be such a cold and dim world. Her words have carried me when I did not think it possible to continue. The power she embodies will not go unnoticed. May God bless and keep her." Antonio G., NY

Client Scheduling Portal

Actress & Comedienne

“There is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humor.” C. Dickens

Since childhood, Jill was destined to be an entertainer. Whether singing in elite chorales, church choir, performing in high school drama and theater, or mastering the French Horn, Jill is an incredibly talented creative visionary. Today, she stands as a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry.

Her edgy, sometimes raw, yet enormously endearing style is garnering national attention, along with rave reviews. Showcasing a unique blend of standup comedy, storytelling, character acting, and improvisational comedy, her shows and events have catapulted her into the spotlight as a hilarious actress and comedian.

Since 2012, featured shows such as Wine & Spirits, Food Wine & Spirits, Medium Well and Hollywood Ever After have been well received. Based in Los Angeles, Jill is traveling to a variety of U.S. cities with her shows.

Jill also wrote, hosted and produced Medium Well, a 12-series paranormal-history travel show that aired on PTVN (2012 - 2014). A variety of the Medium Well episodes can be found on Jill's YouTube channel.

Jill is often referred to as a cross between Lucille Ball meets Morticia Addams. Uniquely entertaining, she continues to enchant audiences as a character actress, comedian, and psychic medium. Without a doubt, Jill Marie Morris is supernaturally funny!

 Professional Reviews

"Over the past year or so I have sponsored several shows with Jill Marie Morris. Working with Jill is a pleasure . . . Most importantly is the customer feedback.  After each of her shows, I am so happy to receive emails from both national and international guests telling me what a terrific time they had.  I've had people who Jill has received messages for, come back to tell me how spot-on she was. I look forward to continuing our relationship with Jill for many years to come."  Scott Michaels, Dearly Departed Tours & Museum "Best in LA!" - Los Angeles Magazine and LA Weekly  

"We had the distinct pleasure of working with Jill Marie Morris, in our Stand Up Comedy Showcase. She is very funny and her work as a comedienne only adds to her Psychic Platform work.  Jill is able to weave her comedy and talk about her calling as a psychic wonderfully, as evidenced in our showcase for industry.  We are happy to report she is continuing her career as a psychic, comic and actress.  Bravo Jill!" Mary Kennedy (Shameless, CONAN) and Paul Jacek (Kevin Hart, LOL Comedy Network, NBC, TV Land, Writer/Joan Rivers)” 

"I have sponsored many events at my café including shows, group sessions, Paint & Sips, Aura Painting Workshops and individual readings. Since late 2011, event attendees number well in the thousands. I have had the extreme pleasure of witnessing each person who came in, leave a different person. No matter what information they received, each one left with a sense of peace; peace in knowing they are not alone, or that their friend or loved one didn't suffer. Jill is extremely gifted. She is professional and such a blast to work with, too! I would recommend working with Jill for anyone; believer or non-believer. She is "real" and the real deal. She has a true gift that she enjoys sharing, and I am grateful to know her, as well as be a part of her journey." Kathleen Liebach, Cafe Deli-icious, Troy, NY


Friday, October 19th-7PM

Annual Dearly Departed Weekend

Nasty Nellie Cocktail Party    

Dearly Departed Tours & Museum

Los Angeles, CA

(Sold Out)

Saturday, October 20th-2PM

Annual Dearly Departed Weekend

Through the Valley of Death 

Tour, Dinner & Phil Hartman Vigil 

Dearly Departed Tours & Museum

Los Angeles, CA

Tickets: Eventbee

Friday, October 26th-7PM

Aura Painting Workshop

Liberate Emporium

(Hillhurst Ave.)

Los Angeles, CA 

RSVP: (323) 663-6000

Monday,  October  29th

Standup  Comedy Showcase 

ACME Comedy Theater 

N. Hollywood, CA

Ticket Info: ACME Comedy Theater

Wednesday, October 31st -7PM

Harry Houdini Halloween Vigil

Dearly Departed Tours & Museum 

Los Angeles, CA

(Sold Out)

Sunday, November 4th-6PM

An Evening with Psychic Medium Jill Marie Morris

The Cajun Queen Restaurant

Charlotte, NC

(Sold Out)

Saturday, November 10th-11AM

Aura Painting Workshop

Country Style Salon & Spa

Hoosick Falls, NY

(Sold Out)

Sunday,  November 11th-4PM

An Evening with Psychic Medium Jill Marie Morris

Country Style Salon & Spa

Hoosick Falls, NY

(Sold Out)

Saturday, November 17th-7PM Hollywood Ever After

Dearly Departed Tours & Museums  

Los Angeles, CA

(Sold Out)

Monday, December 3rd-7:30PM

Dark Shadows Production

ACME Comedy Theater

N. Hollywood, CA

Ticket Info: ACME Comedy Theater

Monday, December 10th-7:30PM

Standup Comedy Showcase

ACME Comedy Theater

N. Hollywood, CA

Ticket Info: ACME Comedy Theater

Saturday, December 15th- 7PM

Hollywood Ever After

Dearly Departed Tours & Museum

Los Angeles, CA


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Author & Writer

“The universe is made of stories, not of atoms.” ― Muriel Rukeyser


ISBN-10: 146355043X 
ISBN-13: 978-1463550431 

PUBLISHED: July 2011
LANGUAGE: English 
PAPERBACK: 194 Pages

PURCHASE 207 in the online store.

"I found this to be an interesting interesting read that I did not want to put down. I thought the author was credible, which is not always the case in paranormal books. I would like to read her follow up book about the history of 207, but I was a little disappointed that it is a separate book, oh well...I am a psychiatric RN (for the past 13 years), and while I do see some aspects that might lead a person to think her husband suffered a psychotic break of some sort; I can also see aspects that might not lead me in that direction. Out of the hundreds of mentally ill that I have cared for, I can think of one example where I honestly thought something paranormal was going on; I do believe it is possible and we cannot explain everything that occurs in this life." Momof2 - Amazon Verified Purchase.


ISBN-10: 1468047949​
ISBN-13: 978 -1468047943

PUBLISHED: November 2013


PAPERBACK: 266 Pages

PURCHASE SAINTS in the online store.

"Loved 207 and now Saints Sinners and Sacred Ground. Finally an author who investigates the history of a haunted house and city to tie it together. She did an excellent job. Blown away to find out that 14 residents who lived at 207 died there over the years. Excellent research considering what she was up against. Hats off to the author. Strong and smart woman. Great book." DT967 - Amazon Verified purchase

Author & Writer

Jill is the author of 207 (2011), and Saint Sinners & Sacred Ground (2013). She also served as a contributing writer for Paranormal Underground Magazine (2012-2017). Her work has also been featured in Spirit Digest (2011), and Syfy Channel's Ghost Hunters T.A.P.S. Paramagazine (2005). 

Jill maintains a blog The Sublime & Supernatural. In addition to the above, she also writes comedy, character sketches, music, lyrics, and poetry. Currently, Jill is working on her third book, as well as her first film script.



Jill's motto of Observe. Express. Inspire. means that she strives to:

Observe the physical and spirit worlds in a positive and respectful manner.

Express and communicate hope and encouragement.

Inspire as many people as possible through her gifts and talents.

For more information on booking Jill for your event, please send an email to: bookings@jillmariemorris.com


In The News

Dearly Departed Tours & Museum | Jayne Osborne (7/12/18) "A huge thank you to Jill Marie Morris who had another  spectacular show at our shop on Saturday night. Jill is a  psychic-medium and she continues to surprise us with her accuracy every time she works with us." 

Wild About Harry | John Cox (11/2/17) Read article here.

LA Weekly (10/19/17) Read article here.

Hollywood Gothique (10/17) Read article here.

Wild About Harry | John Cox ( 9/23/17) Read article here.

The Manchester Journal | Andrew Roiter (10/26/12) Read article here.

The Troy Record | Danielle Sanzone (11/5/11) Read article here.

Radio Highlights

The Grave Talks with Tony Brueski (2/5/18) Part I. Part II.

America's Most Haunted with Eric Olsen (1/26/18) Listen here.

Live Paranormal with Sophia Temperilli (6/24/17) Listen here.

The Malliard Report with Jim Malliard. Listen here.

Let's Talk Radio with Todd & Phil (4/19/17) Listen here.

BRR with SyFy Ghost Hunter Jason Hawes (2/16/17) Listen here.

Darkness Radio with Dave Schrader (8/1/13) Part I. Part II.

*Additional radio and podcast interviews available upon request.


November 2018 - The Biz Studio

Jill has been cast in the role of Elizabeth Collins Stoddard for the studio's rendition of Dark Shadows. Dark Shadows was a popular soap opera that originally aired from 1966 - 1971. Actress Joan Bennett portrayed the neurotically prim Elizabeth Collins Stoddard in the series, with Michelle Pfeiffer portraying a modern version in the 2012 film adaptation. The live theater presentation will be held at ACME Comedy Theater in North Hollywood on Monday, December 3rd.

October 2018 -  The Annual Dearly Departed Weekend runs from October 19th - 20th, in various locations throughout Los Angeles. Following the Through the Valley of Death tour and dinner featuring speakers LA County Chief Medical Examiner Craig Harvey (RET), and Terry Bolo, former friend and comedy partner of Phil Hartman, Jill is honored to lead a candlelight vigil at Phil Hartman's home. 

June 2018 - Jill performed in the first annual Laugh For Life, a special event that helps spread awareness on suicide and suicide prevention. All of the funds raised were donated to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. Thank you, Kathleen Liebach, Cafe Deli-icious, as well as everyone who attended this important event.

April 2018 - Jill finished filming her part in a soon-to-be featured, paranormal documentary. Further details will be shared upon the film's release.

Press Kit

For press-related inquiries, please send an email to: contactus@jillmariemorris.com

Please include Press Inquiry in the subject line.

For booking inquiries, please send an email to: bookings@jillmariemorris.com

Thank you.


New York, NY

"Jill Marie Morris gave me a reading during her show and I am still shocked at how spot on she was. There is no way she would know the last words my husband spoke to me before he passed. She is gifted and funny. I feel so much better knowing my husband is at peace and visits with me." Georgia B., New York, NY.

Mission Viejo, CA

"Our lives have been touched by an angel named Jill. Thank you for the laughter and for putting us in contact with our Deb. You have eased our fears and answered our questions in a dignified manner and with the utmost respect." T. Porter, Mission Viejo, CA

Saint Petersburg, FL

"Jill will make you laugh and scare the hell out of you. Her reading of a fellow attendee had me stunned. Her detail of the deceased was something I won't soon forget. Going to bring my sister with me the next time she's in town." T.E., St. Petersburg, FL

Long Island, NY

"I was present for her new show and was really impressed. She isn't the typical psychic medium style you see at shows or on television which is a refreshing change. She is real and approachable, extremely funny and compassionate. I hope she continues to do the work God has gifted her with. I'll be back for more." Judy O., NY

Los Angeles, CA

"We were referred to Jill by a close friend. She blew us away. The details she spoke about during our family reading were incredible. We cannot thank her enough for her time and dedication to helping us in our time of need. She would not accept anything from us, which is practically unheard of. We are looking forward to our next conversation with Jill. She is amazing." Susan R., Los Angeles, CA

Albany, NY

"She is a riot. I've been to two of her shows and could listen to her comedy and readings all night long. Already have tickets for next year and will be bringing more newbies with me for the "Jill Experience". She is really funny and spooky! I love her!" C.B., Albany, NY

The Sublime & Supernatural

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