Jill Marie Morris is a comedian, actor, psychic medium and author. Often referred to as a cross between Lucille Ball meets Morticia Addams, her edgy, sometimes raw, yet enormously endearing style is garnering national attention, along with rave reviews. Showcasing a unique blend of hilarious standup comedy, storytelling, character acting and improvisational comedy, her shows and events have catapulted her into the spotlight.

Jill Marie is also a respected Evidentiary Psychic Medium. In addition to using her abilities to assist various agencies with cold cases, she has investigated the histories of homes and small cities across the United States, relative to notorious hauntings. Functioning as a psychic and medium, Jill Marie can also read auras, past lives, and render dream interpretation.

Along with her work as an entertainer, Jill Marie has penned two, nonfiction books: 207 (2011) and Saints Sinners & Sacred Ground (2013). She has also served as a contributing writer for Paranormal Underground Magazine (2012-2017), with additional work featured in Spirit Digest (2011), and Syfy Ghost Hunters T.A.P.S. Paramagazine (2005).

Currently, she is working on her third book, as well as her first film script. She also writes her own comedy material and character sketches, as well as music, lyrics, and poetry.

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