Warm, Accurate & Uplifting

"I think that I've seen every psychic in New York State and New England, while trying to find a medium who could communicate with my sister. Each now pales in comparison to this gifted medium. I found Jill Marie to be warm, accurate and uplifting. She didn't promise she would, yet was able to connect with my sister who passed unexpectedly in a car accident. Jill Marie also knew about the package she had in the car with her, and where it was going. This blew my mind. Her readings have helped me like no other. Jill Marie's compassion and insight has made the loss of my sister much more bearable. She is healing the world one client at a time." T.R.,  Saratoga, NY.

It All Clicked

"A friend suggested I talk to Jill Marie Morris for help with my anxiety. It was worth the try in more ways than I ever expected. I am not joking when I tell you how much it all made sense and  has opened my eyes. She found a past life trauma I suffered as a kid was causing issues in my present life. It all clicked in positive ways. I am progressively getting better at dealing with my anxiety and am in awe of what Jill can do. I would suggest her past life readings for anyone trying to get a handle on life and figure things out." Alberto O., Los Angeles, CA

Best Of The Best

"She is the best of the best in the field. I have been a client for five years and counting and cannot get over Jill's abilities. I've had aura, psychic and past life readings with her, along with messages from spirit. She has a level of accuracy and realness that surpasses anyone I've seen. She is 100% chill. I work in the entertainment business and have talked with many claiming spiritual gifts. Jill Marie Morris is the best! She may not be the most known at time of this review but I'm making a prediction she is going to be a big star who will help many." S.C., Los Angeles, CA/Miami, FL

Wow! Wow! My God, WOW!

"Wow! Wow! My God, WOW!  Booked a reading for my wife and got involved during the appointment when my brother stepped forward. Not only is psychic medium Jill Marie Morris compassionate and professional, her God given gifts are WOW! Our time with Jill Marie was life changing. My wife is big into psychics. Until her reading with Jill Marie, I thought such things were corny. No more. Accurate details about our lives, family, my brother, the past and future had me shaking. Both of us are looking forward to our next sessions with this lovely and gifted woman. She's one of a kind in our book! What a phenomenal experience." Doug & Melinda, Seattle, WA.

Closure and Peace

"I was first turned onto Jill Marie Morris in 2017 after listing to her on a radio interview. I was skeptical, as I am with most psychics and self-called mediums. I am still in shock. There is no way she would have known private conversations and events from the past. She also predicted a couple of huge life events. The biggest take away was her communication with my father who passed away. Jill Marie repeated the last words I spoke to him and saw what happened later that day. I will always question the afterlife and mysteries but now know there is something more that goes beyond what we can only imagine. I thank Jill Marie Morris for giving back the hope that I lost when my father died. I now believe and know he is watching over me. I now have closure and peace." Nora M., Santa Rosa, NM.

With Love and Gratitude

"This woman is angel. I've been a long time client of Jill Marie Morris. Her readings are like nothing I've ever had. She is highly accurate and gives great advice. I think it's important to share a personal experience which has made the grieving process much less confusing and painful for me and my family. From the moment we found out my mother was terminal, through her passing and now long afterwards, Jill  has been here. I was able to contact her all hours of the day and night, at no charge. We were scared and felt helpless, especially after our mother became unresponsive. Jill's compassion and insight provided us relief and hope the soul continues. This woman has somehow been blessed with the incredible ability to have seen what was going on with our mother in real time, every step of the way. I don't know how she does it, but we are so grateful she does. To Jill, I offer this review with love and gratitude." Paula, Silver Spring, MD

Her Accuracy Is Crazy

"I've had four readings with Jill. Not only was she spot on for each of them, she accurately predicted a grave situation with my health before I was aware of any problem. Jill recommended I see my physician and within a month of doing that, underwent a biopsy at a  really important stage of the growth. It still amazes me that she picked up on something the first moment I sat in front of her. Her accuracy is crazy! She's not only an amazing psychic medium, I believe she saved my life!" D. Whitman, Fort Myers, FL

New Perspective On Life

"We have been to a couple of Jill's events and are eagerly awaiting her return to the west coast. I've also had the pleasure of sitting for a reading with Jill (I won it) and left with a new perspective on life. Jill is the real deal. She is beautiful, talented and gifted. The way she conveys the message of spirit is unlike anything I've ever seen or heard. If you ever have a chance, go see her show and maybe you will be blessed to get a reading by this lovely, very funny lady." Steve & Becky, West Hollywood, CA. 

Brilliant Star

"Jill is a brilliant star in what can be such a cold and dim world. Her words have carried me when I did not think it possible to continue. The power she embodies will not go unnoticed. May God bless and keep her." Antonio G., NY